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What does Premium Roofing Products Limited do?

We provide manufacturers to the metal roofing industry with quality ancillary products.

Why are we here?

To create and deliver products and services designed exclusively to support manufacturers and distributors of metal roofing products; offering technical support as we go...

Why use Premium products?

Because you have the confidence of using products that are recommended for their quality by a number of leading associations such as the Lead Sheet Association, the Lead Contractors Association and The Metal Roofing Contractors Association.

Craftsman Guides

A guide to good practice that fits into your pocket. The perfect aid on site. Can also help your sales staff (includes all Product Information Sheets)

Managing Health Risks

A  FREE Metwash wall mounted dispenser and 2 boxes of Metwash absolutely FREE. Click 'News' for more information.

 Premium launches  ZinFlash soft zinc.

Sizes and weights per roll
  • 12m x 150mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 8kg per roll
  • 12m x 250mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 13kg per roll
  • 12m x 300mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 16kg per roll
  • 12m x 380mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 20kg per roll
  • 12m x 450mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 24kg per roll

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