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The best way to increase sales is by improving the knowledge and skills of those who are selling. Your Managers, Representatives and Counter Sales will all have different needs. However, all will benefit from improved product knowledge. "People buy from confident people. Confidence comes from knowledge and knowing how to handle enquiries quickly and effectively. Saving time and money and increasing re-selling".

Premium will design and deliver bespoke training specifically designed to target the needs of a specific employee type and/or branch. Training could cover - What goes with what and why? E.g. "How to use the new Hall Clip", "the importance of using the correct sealant", "general health and safety issues"

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Premium can provide you with a range of 'counter sales' selling aids. These include:
  • A5 'A' frame product display boards
  • 1000mm x 700xx product display posters
  • A4 product information packs (contains weights charts and all product data sheets)
  • A4 and A5 weight charts
  • Craftsman's Guides
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