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ZinFlash - Soft zinc


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We are pleased to introduce to the market ZinFlash® which is soft zinc that is exceptionally malleable and ideally suited for use as a flashing product. It is flexible, pliable and will enable installers to dress to the contours of a roof and the profile of a tile.


Why launch ZinFlash?


You may be aware that lead along with other metals has substantially increased in price over the past year. This has allowed so called ‘alternative, cheap substitute products’ to enter the market.


We are launching ZinFlash as it is superior in comparison to these products and, unlike these products, ZinFlash offers the following key advantages:

  • Aesthetically similar to lead
  • Can be pointed with sealant or mortar and easily dressed over tile profiles
  • Thin enough to be used as a soaker
  • Competitively priced
  • Environmentally-friendly as it is 100% recyclable
  • Light weight and easy to handle

Sizes and weights per roll

  • 12m x 150mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 8kg per roll
  • 12m x 250mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 13kg per roll
  • 12m x 300mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 16kg per roll
  • 12m x 380mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 20kg per roll
  • 12m x 450mm x 0.6mm, Weighs 24kg per roll

Contact your representative if you have questions, to view a sample and to discuss price.

Important note:


Although ZinFlash offers superior qualities over other so-called lead substitutes, it must not be deemed as an equivalent performance product to BSEN 12588:2006 Rolled Lead.

Specification sheets will be available in the very near future. 


Metwash and Managing Health Risks

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) requires exposure to metals and metalworking fluids by inhalation, ingestion or skin contact to be prevented where reasonably practicable, or failing that, adequately controlled. Source - http://www.hse.gov.uk/metalworking

Premium is continually striving to promote good practice when handling all metals and metal related products and to assist our customers deliver to this regulation.

This promotion is designed to improve the availability of Metwash (which is a soap specially formulated to remove metal and oil residue) to your staff and your customers.

  • Premium will supply you with a FREE Metwash wall mounting dispenser when you purchase 2 boxes of Metwash.
  • Premium will supply 2 FREE boxes (12 bottles) of Metwash when a dispenser is fitted by you.
  • Metwash now comes with a ‘squeeze’ and a ‘pump’ dispenser for ease of use

Metwash dispensers are now available!!! Complete your details in the contact form to receive your free dispenser.

Order your free dispenser!

Hall Clip

"Invented by a working roofer to save him time and money!"

The Hall Clip is a sprung steel clip that fits a chase joint from 6 to 18mm deep. Fixed at approximately 450mm centres (the same as the traditional lead wedge), it fixes flashings up to 20 times faster than fiddling with traditional wedges.

There is no cutting, folding or replacing wedges that are too small. Simply push the Hall Clip into the chase, secure with a screwdriver or similar tool. The Hall Clip grips firmly in place in seconds so it can be dressed more easily before being finally pointed in with Flashpoint for a clean professional finish.

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