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Recommended by the Lead Sheet Association! An easy to use, neutral cure, all weather alternative to sand and cement mortar.
12 x 310ml tubes per box

Product Information Sheet
Advice on use:
  1. The minimum depth of the sealant injection is 10mm, however, in the majority of situations the mortar in a joint should be removed to a depth of 25mm;
  2. Ensure the joint is completely dry and free from dust before applying sealant;
  3. Cut the plastic nozzle to an internal diameter suitable to the height of the joint so that it allows the sealant to its full depth;
  4. In order to obtain a professional finish, smooth the face of the Flashpoint joint with a dampened pointing iron before the sealant forms a skin;
  5. Premium Flashpoint is not an adhesive and is not recommended for joining lead to lead.
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