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Lead Slates
Lead Slates
Code 4 lead vulcanised to a neoprene conical upstand. Provides a weather-tight joint for flues and soil stacks that penetrate slate, tile, asphalt, felt or lead coverings.
Life expectancy > 20 years.
Flat or Pitched 5 slates per box.
Advice on use:
  1. Select a lead slate with an upstand angle suitable to the pitch of the roof and with an internal diameter that allows approximately 2mm tolerance over the external diameter of the pipe;
  2. Always apply a coat of Patination Oil to all exposed surfaces, as well as the underside of the leading edge;
  3. Fit over the pipe. On a pitched roof, finish the top edge of the tile with a welt;
  4. When fitting over cast iron pipes, allow extra height to the lead upstand so that it may be dressed into the top of the pipe;
  5. When fitting over plastic pipes you can obtain a solvent welded collar that will provide a weathering over the top of the pipe.
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