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Code 4 lead vulcanised to a neoprene conical upstand. Provides a weather-tight joint for flues and soil stacks that penetrate slate, tile, asphalt, felt or lead coverings.
Life expectancy > 20 years.
Flat or Pitched 5 slates per box.
Advice on use:
  1. Select a lead Flexislate with an upstand angle suitable for the pitch of the roof;
  2. The upper surface of the rubber sleeve has a pattern of concentric grooves that should be used as knife guides. Select a groove diameter that is slightly smaller than the required diameter, to ensure a weather-tight fit. Take care not to cut across the groove;
  3. Use liquid soap to lubricate the neck of the rubber sleeve of the Flexislate prior to fitting;
  4. Always apply a coat of Patination Oil to all exposed lead surfaces as well as the underside of the leading edge. Take care that the Patination Oil does not come into contact with the rubber sleeve;
  5. Fit over the pipe. On a pitched roof finish the top edge of the tile with a welt.
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