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Nails (Annular Ring Shank)
Nails (Annular Ring Shank)
Copper and Stainless Steel annular ring shank fixings for metal roofing as recommended by trade associations.
20mm - per kg
25mm - per kg
30mm - per kg
38mm - per kg

Premium Annular Ring Shank Nails (ARS) are available in both copper and stainless steel. They are recommended for use by the Lead Sheet Association for fixing lead sheet panel, clips etc to a timber substrate. It is extremely important that only ARS nails are used when fixing lead. This is because the specially designed shanked shaft of the nail grips to a substrate and will not be pulled when thermal expansion and contraction occurs.
Be aware that 'clout nails' are not recommended for use with lead and will be pulled out of the substrate by the continual movement of the lead?
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