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Fixing Clips and Strip
Fixing Clips and Strip

Fixings to hold lead secure and to prevent wind lift. 0.6 Copper or 0.4 Stainless Steel
300mm x 50mm
600mm x 50mm
Allow fixing clips to be cut to alternate sizes required.
0.6 Copper or 0.4 Stainless Steel
20m x 50mm

Product Information Sheet

Premium Roofing Products provide a selection of fixing 'clips' together with 'strip', from which fixing clips of the desired size may be cut. Both clips and strip are available in copper and stainless steel.
Clips either from 0.6mm gauge copper or 0.4mm stainless steel are normally recommended. However, when clips are required to malleable enough to follow complex profiles, only copper clips can be used.
Steel clips are preferred when the clip can only be fixed at its top extremity and rigidity is required e.g. over a glass roof.
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