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Lead Restorers
Lead Restorers
Removes dirt and grime to improve, restore and enhance the appearance of lead sheet.
Lead Sheet Cleaner
G1 Restorer (for lead <50 years)
G3 Restorer (for lead >50 years)
Advice on Use:
  1. Before use, test on a small area to be cleaned;
  2. Project surrounding materials and where possible, collect all washings and dispose of them safetly;
  3. Remove any previously applied Patination Oil and ensure the surface is clean and dry;
  4. Apply Lead Sheet Cleaner with a cloth or nylon scour, wash down and dry;
  5. If further surface renovation is not required, apply a coat of Patination Oil;
  6. For further renovation employ either Lead Sheet Restorer G1 or G3 as applicable. Wash down, dry and return to step 4 to ensure restorer is neutralised. Note: Apply G1 with a cloth or nylon scourers or G3 with a stiff paint brush. Lead Sheet Cleaner G1 Lead Sheet Restorer (use with lead <50 years) G3 Lead Sheet Restorer (use with lead >50 years)
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