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Fluxes and solders
Fluxes and solders
Our range of soft solders include Plumbers 'D' and Tinman's Solder.
Our range of fluxes include Zinn7, ZD-Pro, Deca-Quartz, Soldering Gel.

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We supply a range of soft solders for joining hard metal sheet. The solder range includes BS EN 29453:1994 grades:
C - for general engineering and jointing of copper.
D - for plumbing and wiping of lead and lead alloy cable sheathing.
G - for general engineering work on copper, brass and zinc.
K - for use with stainless steel
We also supply solder fluxes specific to the metal to be jointed. These are:
Zinn 7 - Copper., Zinc without a factory produced patina;
ZD-Pro - Recommended by Rheinzink for RZ Pro preweathered zinc sheet.
Deca-Quartz - Recommended by Umicore for VM Quartz preweathered zinc sheet. Soldering Gel - Stainless steel, tinned and non-tinned.
Advice on Use
  1. For best adhesion of solder, ensure that the work piece to be soldered is cleaned with a suitable flux (see above).
  2. To achieve a satisfactory area of contact between the pieces to be soldered, make sure that the substrate is heated sufficiently to allow free flow of the solder.
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